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ChampionBet Mobile App

ChampionBet is a very popular African betting house. Currently, it has specially tailored desktop website versions in numerous countries across the continent. Apart from them, the operator’s mobile platform is right now open for everyone who prefers to place bets on the go or play any of the amazing ChampionBet casino games.

In Ghana the company has made everything possible to provide in the most high-quality way all the available products and options. This is why today as citizen of a legal age in this country you can gamble via both of the company’s platforms.

It’s an interesting fact that they are all very identical. Frankly, the only difference is in the way the concrete platform adjusts to your device. Specifically, the ChampionBet app does it in the most perfect way. We have checked this software on numerous mobile phones and tablets, including Samsung, iPhone, iPad, the latest Huawei smartphone and you name it. On absolutely any of the devices we found no bugs, delays, problems with the hassle-free ChampionBet registration, payment, pre-match, live betting and you name it.

If you wonder how this is possible, the secret is in this Ghanaian operator’s decision to present one universal application for all mobile users. No matter what device you owe, if it is smart and has reliable internet connection, you can connect it to the first-class ChampionBet app. There are no technical requirements to meet. There are no fees to pay to receive your most favorite bookie from Africa in your pocket. This app is 100% free of charge and is web-based.

In other words, ChampionBet application is not a native one, but a standard mobile website. It copies the look and the functions from the desktop platform. Everything you can place a bet on via the desktop mode is available on the go, too.

How to install the application?

Usually a native app requires download and installation. Since ChampionBet app, though, is a web-based, you do not have to download or install anything. Forget about making any security settings changes in your Android device or going to the Apple App Store to read tones of installation requirements. Absolutely every one of you can directly connect to this web-based app.

Indeed, some of you, though, might be pretty disappointed not to see a classical native app whether for Android or for iOS devices. They might be interested in a coming soon app more than even of the available ChampionBet bonuses. Especially to them, we must say that currently we don’t have any information whether the company has been app developing or plans to. In all cases, there is a huge possibility in future to see a modern ChampionBet app of a native type. Most of today’s bookmakers, including those from Africa have iOS and Android apps. So by all means, if this company wants to progress and advance, such a product will eventually come out.

Until then, don’t hesitate to test and try the fantastic ChampionBet web-based app for soccer bets, slot experience or some virtual betting. We guarantee you that in this website you will not meet any issues, gaps or problems while gambling.

How to use the Champion Bet mobile website version?

The ChampionBet web-based app is a mobile website. It is a copy paste of the desktop platform. However, it is made to be opened not via a laptop or a PC, but through a smartphone or a tablet. If your mobile device is smart and you are confident about its reliable internet connection, here’s how to access your account through it:

  1. Get your mobile device
  2. Go to your favorite phone browser (there are no limits and you can use any brand)
  3. In the search engine field type the company’s brand name and Ghana (attention: you don’t have to add any “m” or “mobile” to be offered with the mobile website version)
  4. The first link you see in the page with the results is the one you should open
  5. The system will automatically adjust to your device characteristics and screen size
  6. Go to the login fields and type your password and user name to enter your account balance (if you don’t have any, register for free)
  7. Play games or place bets on the go at any time and any place you want

How does the ChampionBet mobile look like?

As we have already mentioned it, there is completely no difference between the ChampionBet desktop and mobile services. Their website layouts, features, services, slot collections and pre-match sports programs are identical. As a mobile user you will not be deprived of anything the desktop audience receives from this betting house.

We are by the way pretty impressed by the amazing ChampionBet mobile intuitive interface. The website navigation is superb and very easy. You can see it by clicking on the button at the top of this article as it will lead you directly to the company’s mobile platform.


How much is the ChampionBet App?
This is a classical web-based application. To access it you don’t have to pay anything. The same goes for using or registering in it.
Is ChampionBet mobile website safe?
Yes, it is. The mobile website is identical to the desktop page, which means it is licensed and regulated by the Gaming Commission in Ghana and with SSL encryption, too.
How to install the ChampionBet iPhone App?
We are sorry to inform you, but right now there is no ChampionBet iOS App. This means that you don’t have to install anything to use the company’s mobile service via your iPhone as it is presented in a regular mobile website.
Where’s the ChampionBet Android App apk file?
There is no file, so don’t look for it if you want to play ChampionBet games via your Android device. Instead, use the mobile website.
What browser to use for ChampionBet mobile page?
Absolutely all browser types can be used to open the standard ChampionBet mobile website.