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Mybet is an international bookmaker that was established in the Ghanaian market in 2017 year and still works in Ghana by offering sport betting to the customers. In this bookie you can bet on more than 20 different sport types and with more than 14 000 bet types each week in one of the most beautiful gambling platforms and alongside with this you can get a risk-free first bet, a chance to place live bets, possibility to deposit funds via the most convenient payment methods (according to Ghanaian punters), as well as many other functions and extras.

Although the betting company released its version especially for the Ghanaian customers in 2017 it actually has a quite richer experience in the field, because it was established for the first time in 1998 year in Germany where today it represents one of the most popular platform, but this popularity is also quite big in many other European countries.

The betting house’s statistics for the annual financial reports show that its annual incomes are nearly 70 million of EUR and each month the gambling website accepts more than 20 000 active customers. Even though this statistics is far away from those the biggest sharks in the sphere present, it speaks of a really serous player in the industry, as well as of a really serous popularity.

Although the company was at first created in Germany, today its head office is located in Malta, which is a quite often practice among most of the bookies these days. Such a practice can be explained with the low taxes on the island country. The main international license the gambling operator uses was also provided by the local gabling regulator (Malta Gaming Authority or just MGA).

Yet, the connection with Germany is still on and this is a very significant strong point as the German companies are popular with their perfection in what they do, as well as with accuracy and trustworthiness. This bookie is an official partner of one of the best local teams – Borussia Mönchengladbach – and during the previous years it used to be a sponsor for many other teams such as Greuther Fürth, Eintracht Braunschweig and Fortuna Dusseldorf.

In Ghana, the betting house has signed its first sponsorship contract with a football team during the first months of the entering in the online market – this is the Ghanaian team from the local Premium league, Dreams FC.

The German betting operator tends to become one of the main players on the Ghanaian market and invest some serious money here. It also makes everything possible to be fully legal which is why the betting company has got a license provided by the local Gaming Comission Ghana.

We need to mark that in 2017 the Ghanaian version of this sport betting page was released, but as a matter of fact, it has been working for a long time even only as an offline bookie with its more than 120 physical shops spread all around the country. Today, the punters in the country have the choice whether to visit any of these shops, or to open the platform via their smartphones or computers in order to place a bet in flash of a second.

In addition to this, we need to mention that in Mybet Ghana there is no casino room or live casino room which are offered to the punters in the rest of the countries. Here, in our country the list of the gambling services includes only sport betting and live sport betting. This is by all means a weak point for many of you – if you love casino games and sport betting is never enough to satisfy your gambling interests, you can take a look at the rest of our reviews devoted to other bookmakers on the Ghanaian market. Most of them have online casino rooms and even other online gambling products.

However, if sport betting is enough for you, Mybet Ghana can be a suitable bookmaker to you. Read our review of this betting house carefully as here we have paid some serious attention at each of the options and services from the page, so you can estimate them and consider whether to make an account here.

Website and mobile version

The modern and stylish website is one of the things we mostly like about Mybet. The German influence in the web design and development here can be noticed at once as this betting page is several times better than any other standard Ghanaian bookmaker. Everything seems so beautiful here and the dominating colour is black accompanied by the blue, white and grey shades.

But the beauty is definitely not the only strong point in this gambling website. It is perfectly optimized and also it loads very fast which is always a good thing to those of you, who have slower computers or internet connection.

We can be confident about the fact that you are not going to have any difficulties in orienting within this gambling platform as it is not overcrowded with various links and banners, which, unfortunately is the standard bookie’s practice nowadays. The simple navigation, on the other side, helps you to perform every task here fast and easily.

Mybet website and mobile version

As Mybet does not offer different gambling services, but only sport betting, the main menu in the central part of the screen is filled with sport types that are basically the most preferred and favourite ones to the betting lovers and respectively, the most used ones or just the bookie’s main focuses – we are talking about sport disciplines such as football, tennis, basketball, ice hockey, handball and baseball. At the left side of this main menu the All Sports button is located (in the next lines of our reviews you are going to find out which the provided sport types in this bookmakers are).

The live betting link is left in the top left corner where with its looming green shade the button is easy to be found (on its right side a link to the website promotions is put).

In the right side of the betting page you will see the bet slip which is also easy to be found as it stands out with white background, while everything else here is on black blackground.

In the top right side, above the bet slip you will see the place where you can enter your account through by entering your user name and password and after the login at the same place you will have an access to your profile – here is where you can change the page settings, deposit and make withdrawals, to view your betting history, as well as to see the currently available for you bonuses.

Between the bet slip and the links to your account five small buttons are placed. They lead to some of the most important pages in this gambling website – the customer support team page, the statistics page, the live score page, the Favourites page, as well as the search page.

If you have only the possibility to bet via a mobile device, have no worries as Mybet has a specially tailored version for all types of smartphones and tablets. You can get more information about these two options in our mobile review called Mybet Apk. In short, the mobile version is on as high level as the one the desktop version is, but yet, this betting company will not be deprived of any criticism for the fact that there is no Android app for now which is a standard option in most of the European competitors working on the Ghanaian market.

Offered sport types and events

Mybet offered sport types and events

The sport disciplines available in this betting platform are more than 20 and the dominating part of them represent ball games such as football, tennis, volleyball, basketball, American football, baseball, futsal, handball, volleyball and so on, while the rest of the program is filled in with moto sports such as Formula 1, Moto GP, Nascar and etc.

Something what makes us some serious impression in this betting house is the big variety of American sports and leagues in the program – for instance, American football, baseball, basketball from NBA and ice hockey from NHL. The German bookmaker is definitely one of the best places in internet for betting on such sport types. Besides, the betting house is well-known to be one of the best places for betting on not so popular sport disciplines, but yet preferred in Germany – like handball, for instance (the gambling operator is a sponsor to the local Handball Federation).

Mybet event

Currently, at the moment we are writing this review, Mybet offers more than 1 200 different events which is also a solid number to appreciate. We cannot say that here you can find sport events which are unavailable in the biggest bookies, but first of all, these other big bookies are few, and second of all, we are talking about events which you might not have even thought about you can place a bet on. The range of the events is more than just wide as it includes even football championships from countries like China or the Faroe Islands.

Although the gambling house offers a Ghanaian version for its website, here the sport types and events are the same as those from the international version so you cannot expect some special attitude towards our audience and market. As a European bookmaker it is normal for the company to mainly focus on the sport world in Europe, but not in Africa, but this is practice we notice in most of the betting houses that also operate in Ghana.

Types of bets and odds

Mybet types of bets and odds

The types of bets in football betting this gambling system offers to the audience are separated and presented in several categories:

  • All – The list with all of the bet types which reaches a number of up to 130 per event
  • Favourites – The list with those market types that punters mostly bet on and registered as such in the system
  • Handicap – Bets with Handicap where, unfortunately, we do not have the chance to bet on Asian Handicaps, but only on European ones. The good news here is that there are not only Handicaps for scores, but also for the corners in the match which is not so often to meet on our market.
  • Half – Almost all of the bet types that are offered for the entire playing time are provided in this section which follows the game per certain half time. For instance, you can place a bet on whether the team will score in the game, as well as if it will score within the first or the second half time.
  • Teams – These are bets per certain team. They are oriented to the different aspects in the game for each of the teams – for example, if the team will not allow a goal to be scored in its gate, the team to be the first or the last one that scores, a team to score in both of the half times, a team to win one or the two half times, the total number of scores per team and etc.
  • Goals – These are all types of bets as to the scores within the game starting from the traditional bet types of this style like Under / Over 2.50 score and many more.
  • Scorers – Here you can find the top three scorer bet types – for the first half time, for the last scorer, as well as for a scorer within the whole time
  • Bookings – In this bet category we see bets on the total number of the corners in a Under / Over format, the team with the bigger number of cards, the first team that gets a card, the total number of cards, the total number of cards per team, a bet if a certain player to be eliminated from the game and many other similar bet types that are oriented to the first half time of the event (it is an interesting fact that these bets refer only to this first half time of the match, while analogue bets as to cards and violations for the second half time are not offered)
  • Corners – Here the bet types are very similar to those with the cards – the total number of corners, the team with more corners, the first corner or the last corner, bets for the corners from the first time of the match and so on.

It is important to mark that the bookmaker is incapable to provide this whole arsenal of bet types for each of the match from the program. These bet types are basically established for the European and international events while for the rest of the events the market number progressively falls down alongside with the fall of the event rang. After all, though, at any single moment there is no way for to complain about the variety of bets in Mybet because this bookie is a serious competition to both: the international and the Ghanaian bookies when it comes to bet range.

As to the odds in the betting house we cannot say they are that good, although the level of the odds is higher than those in most of the betting houses in Ghana. If comparing the odds in Mybet, though, with those from the European competitors, things don’t look that well.

Even for the main markets on the main matches the profit margin is nearly 6% while for the massive markets the profit margin goes to 7-8% or even more.

Yet, we need to mention that this difference will not be felt significantly in the single bets made by the ordinary punters. For instance, if making a comparison between the odds for the host to win in the first match from the World Football Championship in Russia this year, the customers from Mybet can bet at 1.40 odd, while those from the biggest world bookies have an offer for an odd at 1.44. As you can see the difference is very small.

Live betting

Unfortunately, Mybet isn’t among those websites that pay serious attention to the live betting sphere. The live betting category in this gambling system is limited to 6 sport types only – football, basketball, ice hockey, tennis, volleyball and baseball – while for the rest of the sport disciplines you can place only a pre-match bet.

Traditionally, this German bookie has less live matches in its program in comparison to the number of such events in the European competitors, but, once again, this only means that you are not going to find any boring events here. The betting house actually offers all of the big championships from all of these 6 sport types in its live betting category.

Mybet live betting

Even if you aren’t interested in any specific match, but you only want to place a live bet, when you enter the specially tailored live betting category you are going to have dozens of sport events to choose from.

So in other words the comparatively small number of events in the live betting category is not such a big deal for the ordinary punters like us. What we would like, though, is for the bookmaker to add a bit more information in real time as to these live events, because currently we only see the result, the minute, cards and corners.

As a strong point of the live betting category we can point out the fact that the odds here not only decrease in comparison to those from the pre-match betting as to the same events, but they even can increase. Usually, the practice is on the contrary – the live betting odds are lower than those in the pre-match betting category.

Mybet live betting footbal

Mybet Bonus

Mybet offers several types of bonuses among which we find the following ones:

  • 10 GHS bonus that is offered to every customer who makes its first lost bet at the same amount
  • Special promotion for the big sport events such as the World Football Championship
  • Bonus for a new customer at an amount of up to 500 GHS which, though, is currently inactive

Read more about the special offers in this betting website in our article called Mybet Bonuses

How to register in Mybet?

Typically for Germany, the registration process in this bookie is arranged in a clear and accurate way so a customer will not lose even a second from its time unnecessarily.

The first step from the registration process is, of course, entering the page:

  • Via a computer – press Register
  • Via a smartphone or tablet – press Not Registered Yet

Then, the process becomes absolutely identical regardless what device you use to make an account. The process is based on three stages we are going to present you in the following lines:

  • 1. Your Profile – During the first stage the one who wants to use Mybet services is required to enter some information in the specially tailored for the purpose fields. The information includes telephone number, e-mail, password and user name. After the last field you will see a button with text Next. Press on it and it will lead you to the next stage. And it is…

Mybet registration step 1

  • 2. Personal Data – While in the first step of the registration was linked to your future account data, in this one you need to fill in some personal data which, though, is also important for your future account in Mybet. In this phase you need to enter your names, address – city, street and residential house number, post code – birth date, sex, country and nationality. Here, right after the last field you will see a button Register.
  • 3. Confirm your new account – Enter the e-mail you have provided above and open the letter the betting company is going to send you within 1-2 minutes after pressing on Register button. To make the confirmation you only need to press on the Send Confirmations button which is located in the letter.

There is nothing else important we have to tell you as to the registration in this betting platform. When you perform the steps from above you will be ready to start betting on the page.

In Mybet, though, there is an opposite option which is – closing the account – and which is made for those punters who feel to have developed dependence of betting and need some time to stop betting or want to stop betting forever. You can close your account from the menu Settings -> Exclusions where you will see three options in a row: temporary deactivation for a period of 2 days, temporary deactivation for a period of at least one month and permanent blockage of the account. We need to appreciate such an option and definitely to praise the betting company for taking such serious measures against gambling addiction.

Payment methods in Mybet

The payment methods you are offered in this betting platform are five in total. We are talking about the following payment methods: MTN Money, Airtel Money, Vodafone Cash, Tigo Cash and bank wire transfer.

The betting company has taken under consideration the fact that in Ghana the payment systems via mobile phones are put on a pedestal by the betting lovers and due to this reason especially for the Ghanaian version three additional payment methods are added to the standard payment methods in the international version. Yet, there are some payment methods which do not appear for the Ghanaian market, but are available in the international website – credit and debit cards, Paypal, Skrill and etc.

Payment methods in Mybet

The good thing in depositing funds in this betting house is that you are not required with a too small minimum and too high maximum limit over the transaction – you can invest as much as you want money in your account (and as much as you can afford, of course) as long as this amount is not less than 5 GHS and not more than 5 000 GHS.

How to make a deposit in Mybet?

The yellow button Deposit stands out quite significantly in the betting page and once you see it you can click on it to make some investments. Such an investment is a requirement to start betting with real money in the betting website.

In the deposit page you will at first see a page where you only need to fill in the desired amount for the deposit – between 5 and 5000 GHS – if you have forgotten about the limits. Continue to the next step where you will need to choose the payment method that suits your needs at most.

If you select any of the systems for mobile payments – MTN Money, Airtel Money, Vodafone Cash or Tigo Cash – you will receive on your phone a requirement for approval of the financial transaction to the bookmaker. And in the fifth or the last, but not least step of the deposit option, the bank transfer, you need to send the required amount to a special bank account and then to confirm the bank wire transfer by sending the confirmation to this e-email:

If you want to immediately start betting, our recommendation is to entrust the mobile payments as they let the money to get in your account immediately while with the bank wire transfers you will have to wait nearly a week as the money are supposed to get in the bookie’s bank account at first and then, the bookie will transfer the money to your website account.

How to ask questions to Mybet?

You have some issues with your account or you didn’t understand anything as to the bookie’s services? We recommend you to follow the next instructions:

1. Try to ask your question via the website live chat where the communication is quite fast, but there is only one problem – the live chat crashes quite often

2. If you appear in such a situation, choose any of the other two available options for communication. And these two other options are sending an e-mail message to or dialing any of these phone numbers: +233303970270 and +233303970597. As you can see by the name of the e-mail and the telephone code of both phone numbers, these channels are made especially for the punters from Ghana.

Mybet live chat and contacts