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MostBet is one of the biggest sport betting companies on the Ghanaian market where customers from more than 100 different countries, including Ghana, invest their money to play. This betting house has a specially tailored version for our country, a version that offers 1 000 GHS for all the new customers as a bonus. Besides the traditional sport betting, here in this website the audience can also find a game with predictions where the jackpot prizes reaches an amount of several million of GHS, as well as a casino room with more than 400 different slot articles. As a part of the gambling page you are going to find an additional Android app for mobile phones, too.

Based in Cyprus (a country member of the European Union), MostBet works with an international license provided by the government in Curacao and in addition to that, it has its own international license that secures the operating in Ghana. All of these mean that playing and sport betting in this platform are 100% secured and safe. This is not only because of the fact that the company is controlled by the laws of the European Union and a whole line of gambling regulators from our country and from all around the world, but also because it has a rich background history of several decades and some serious relationships with customers from all over the planet.

The online betting operator can be interested to the Ghanaian punters because of several reasons. First of all, it offers bets on events from almost all the sport types that are popular in our country and besides, these events come with some really decent odds. Also, this gambling system is fully optimized for the local audience by offering the chance to bet with the national currency, as well as to deposit with the most popular payment methods in our country. Of course, there are many other reasons why the betting page is so suitable for the market in Ghana – such as the availability of a bonus over the first deposit and a rich range of offers for the slot game fans. For each of the bookie’s services and main aspects in its platform, we are going to talk about in this detailed review.

The website and the mobile application

First of all, we are going to tell you how this betting house looks like in both of its directions – or in other words, how the page for the computer version and the one for mobile device are presented and designed.

MostBet uses the combination of the blue and the white shades in both of its platforms. These two colours are determined as the best ones in their mixture according to the experts in the sphere. Due to this, the usage of this gambling website will not saddle your eyes, but will be a very pleasant experience.

Mostbet website and mobile version

It is easy to be said that mostly the arrangement of the desktop and the mobile website versions follows the traditional motives in the betting industry, so it is almost impossible for the people with experience in online playing to have some difficulties in using the system.

In the desktop website you will see the traditional main menu located in the central side. This menu is going to take you the following main categories:

  • Toto – a game with predictions
  • Line – pre-match sport betting
  • Live – live sport betting
  • Live-Games – live games of a casino type
  • Casino – the casino game category which can be defined as the category with slots

When you open the sport betting category or the one for the casino games, the menu with the sport types / games can be found in the left side of your screen, while in the central part the games / the sports themselves will be shown and in the right side of the pre-match and the live sport betting you can see the bet slip through which you can place your bets after making a deposit in your account.

Some information about your current account balance, as well as links for your profile management can be found in the top right corner, just like the tradition in the sphere says. Before making a registration or login in your account, what you will see there is a button for registration, respectively for login the system. Also, in the top right side you can always follow the time, as well as to change the language to display the page. The basic choice as to the language is the English, but the website can be also used in French, Indonesian, Turkish and Russian.

Of course, it is a bit different when you use the betting system via a mobile device. Fortunately, the company has taken under considerations the fact that most the Ghanaian punters place bets via their phones and to satisfy their needs few mobile platforms are established. These platforms are not left behind as to the pleasure of using the gambling system by the desktop version. The options for having fun and earning money via the mobile betting website are two – you can either use the mobile app, which, though is compatible only to devices that run on Android operating system, or take the benefits of the mobile betting page version that successfully works on all types of mobile devices regardless whether it is a tablet, or a smartphone. Some details about these two options for mobile gambling, including guides as to how to use them both and what they look like, are presented in our article called MostBet Mobile.

Offered sport types and events

The total number of the offered sport types in this global bookmaker is almost 30. Here you will find both: all of the most popular games with a ball such as football, basketball, tennis, volleyball, handball, baseball, futsal, table tennis, beach volleyball, golf and many others among which you will see motor sports (where Formula 1, Speedway, Indicar, Nascar, automobile contests, motorcycling and others are included), as well as fighting sport types like boxing, winter sports such as ski Alpine disciplines, biathlon and etc.

The list with the sport types is not limited to contests with real sports actually as in this betting page you can also gamble on digital sports like Starcraft, Dota 2, Counter-Strike, and League of Legends. Many of you might be aware of the fact that in these digital sports are arranged in tournaments where professional gamers participate and in these tournaments you can bet in these specific sections.

Mostbet offered sport types and events

Naturally, for a bookie it is always important not only to have own a program with many sport disciplines, but also to provide a wide range of events from each of them. As to this we cannot say that MostBet is number 1 in the world, because there are bookmakers that are ready to offer you even bets on matches between friends from the neighbourhood, but it is guaranteed that here you will find bets on almost all of the professional matches played all around the world, too. Indeed, some betting companies add in their programs even amateur matches which do not present in such a big number in this page, but to any average punter who do not bet on a professional level, it is not even needed to be flooded with so many offers at all.

There is no exact statistics as to the number of the events in this gambling platform, but according to our personal study, every day a three-digit number of events are offered. And this number is totally enough in our opinion. We say it once again – the choice is enough, but not a giant one as it is in some of the biggest international betting houses.

Types of bets and odds

It is understandable that the number of the bets is different depending on the match rang. It is impossible to have as many possibilities for a bet in some too ordinary matches from the second or third division from an African country as those for matches from the Championship League, for instance.

For the leading football events from the world, this betting house offers us almost 400 options for a bet and they are grouped in the following categories:

  • All markets
  • Popular – These are the most popular bet types. This category is made in a help for the punters, who always choose the most traditional bets letting them not losing in the big flood of other suggestions that are available in the All markets category.
  • Total – Here you find various bet types for the total number of scores, such as bets for the scores in the game, for the host’s scores, for the scores from each of the half times and etc.
  • Handicap – This category involves bets with Asian handicap
  • Goals – All types of bets regarding the goals in the match, including bets for the correct score, for the total number of goals within the event, for the number of the host’s or the guest’s goals, for the half time that will be with more goals and a market “both of the teams to score a goal”
  • Statistics – These are bets on various things from the statistic sphere like corners and etc.
  • Quick Events – And these are bets of a “When the first goal (1-15 minute, 16-30 minute and so one) will be scored?” type
  • 1st Half – Here you find different bets regarding the first half – result, result with Handicap, scores within the first half and etc.
  • 2nd Half – Analogue bets to the previous ones, but regarding the second half of the event

Mostbet types of bets and odds

These bets are available not on only for the matches from the high-class range such as the Premium League or the Championship League, but also for almost all of the matches from the elite European and African championships. The offers fall to 100-150 in the matches from the lower divisions of the least countries.

We can conclude that the market types this bookmaker has are more than the average bookmaker offers, but yet we cannot miss to mention that there are bets which are not available here. What we mostly miss is the possibility to bet on long-term events. It means here there are not bets about the final champion in a league or tournament, who the best goal scorer will become and etc. Also, it is very rare for bets for goal scorers in single events to be provided while this is one of the most preferred bet types for the punters these days. We can only hope that these weak points are going to be handled by the bookie in its Ghanaian version.

As to the odds, here we can definitely praise the betting house as its odds respond to the level of the biggest betting websites in the world. For the top events from football, for instance such as the matches from the Championship League or the World championships, MostBet even makes everything possible to provide the best odds in the sphere.

We have made one simple calculation as to the odds for the first match from the World Football Championship in Russia – the match between Russia and Saudi Arab. The calculation shows us that the profit margin in this betting house is below 2% which is an exceptional low level and very profitable for the punters. Also, the odds for this match are better than those from the biggest world bookies, which is a guarantee that MostBet is a great thing for betting on top events.

Live betting

As it has already become clear, a part of this gambling operator’s platform accommodates the live betting category where you can bet on your favourite events (as well as on those that are not so favourite to you) in real time while they are still on.

This category comes with a very rich program that has thousands of different events per day among which we even see some matches from not so popular or traditional leagues – like female championships, including the second leagues of the national female championships, the fourth and the fifth divisions from the average as to their territories European countries, as well as many youth championships. Of course, if the program includes such matches it is easy to guess that all of the matches from the professional elite leagues are available here, too.

Mostbet live

This tendency does not refer only to the football world – there are live bets on almost all of the sport disciplines we have listed above, including digital sports, tennis, basketball, handball, volleyball, table tennis, rugby, snooker and many others.

Although there are a lot of offered events, in order to be objective we need to say that this live betting category has some weak points. Such a weak point, for instance, is the fact that the profit margin here is bigger in comparison to the one for the events from the pre-match betting category, but to be honest, on other side, this is normal for all the betting houses in the world.

However, what other betting pages offer on a higher level in comparison to what MostBetoffers is the set of services for live streaming and live statistics. Yet, they are available in this gambling platform, but what is not so good here is the quality which has been improved in most of the bookies these days.

After all, if live betting is the only thing you have come for in this bookmaker, it will give you everything you need. What you have to bear in mind, though, is that in pre-match betting you will get the luck to bet on a bit higher odds, but this is a standard practice for all gambling operators, so even if you choose other one, you will face the same situation.

Toto category – A game with predictions

All the football fans will get an alternative way to bet on matches via the game with predictions you can find in the Toto category of this betting website.

The game has very simple rules – you need to place a bet as to the symbol of the 1X2 market in 15 matches with a single bet of 5 GHS and if you succeed in guessing the right symbols in all of them, you will win the big accumulating jackpot which can reach up to a million and a half of GHS!

Mostbet toto category – a game with predictions

Of course, even if this sounds to you as an easy task to perform, predicting 15 matches could be tough, but yet not impossible at all. If you want to increase your chance for success, you can place the double chance bet for one or several of the events, but in this case, the bet amount also increases. With each next added symbol of the 1X2 market the amount is increased twice or in other words, if you have a double chance in your bet slip, your bet is supposed to be at an amount of 10 GHS.

In this game you can participate every day and you can place bets till the beginning of the first match from these 15 matches. Usually, the first of the events starts in the afternoon, so you have at your disposal a whole morning and the period till lunch to compose your bet and to make your predictions.

Usually, the matches are from the big European championships (if there are such during the day, of course) and the bookie chooses the matches where there is no certain favourite. In other words, it is almost impossible to find an event like a host match for Real Madrid against Getafe.

MostBet New customer bonus

MostBet offers only one bonus, but at the expense of this is it is quite generous and can be received right after making a registration and depositing for the first time in the page.

The terms and conditions of this promotion are described in details in our article called MostBet Bonus as here in short we can conclude that the only requirement to receive the bonus is to make a deposit which should be of an amount of at least 50 GHS.

The amount and the % of the bonus increase progressively with the increase of the deposited amount by the user and the maximum amount you can get is 1 000 GHS. This amount of money is given in case of a deposit of 750 GHS or more which means that the new customer bonus can actually exceed the limit of 100%.

Casino games in MostBet

MostBet offers a wide range of games in its Casino category, but unfortunately, the variety isn’t that rich as here you will find only type of casino entertainment and it is presented by the slot games.

The statistics show that the slots, themselves, though are the most popular casino games in internet, but yet, it would be nice if the audience would have a choice from other types of games like table games, video poker and etc.

Mostbet casino games

At the expense of this, the slots in the Casino category of this gambling platform are more than 300 and nearly 60 of them can be played via a mobile device, too. The companies that have developed these games are almost 20 in total.

Beside in this category, the Live-Games category welcomes you with other interesting games to try. As the name of this category suggest here you will find games in real time. Among these games you will see traditional casino games like Baccarat, but also some card games such as Bet on Poker and War of Bets, as well as several lottery games.

Probably, the biggest casino lovers would not select this betting house because of the limited range of the game types, but yet, the category makes quite a good impression to the sport betting lovers who enjoy trying something new from their activity from time to time. In difference to the sport betting category, the casino game categories yet cannot be determined as high-class.

How to register in MostBet?

If everything you have read up to now satisfies you at a full value, you can make a registration in MostBet right now and even in this type of a process which is usually simple, you are provided with a choice of several ways to act.

Mostbet registration via your social web accountBy all means, the easiest and the fastest method to register in this betting platform represent a registration via your social web account (if you have such). And this is the method we strongly recommend you, too. All you need is to have a registration in a page like Facebok, Twerter or Google+ as the betting house will extract your personal data that is required for the registration directly from your account in any of these pages. Thus, after making a registration you will not even have to type your user name and password to enter your account – you only need to press on the social web icon (the one social web you use) and will automatically login the system.

Mostbet registration via mobile phone

The other fast way to open an account in MostBet is by registering via your mobile phone. Here you only need to enter your telephone number and then, you will receive on the same phone number data for login via SMS messhae.

Mostbet registration via e-mailThe third, last, but not least registration method in this betting company is the most traditional one, by the way, and usually it is the only way to register in most of today’s betting houses. Here the punter is supposed to type in an e-mail, country, currency, names and telephone number, as well as to select a personal password. Later, an e-mail message will be sent to the provided e-mail for account confirmation and the login in future requires entering the telephone number and the password.

MostBet payment methods

Airtel, MTN, TiGo, Expresso, Globacom and Vodafone – these are the six methods to make a deposit or a withdrawal you are offered in the gambling page.

These alternatives are specially introduced to the Ghanaian audience as the betting house has correctly taken under consideration the fact that they are the most often used payment methods by the local users and the traditional international methods aren’t that popular in our country (such traditional methods, for example, are debit cards and online e-wallets like Qiwi or Neteller).

It is important to mention that this gambling page has one of the least minimum deposit amount requirements we can ever see in the betting industry – it is only 2 GHS. Most of today’s world bookies require at least 20 times bigger deposits. It is another gesture towards the Ghanaian citizens as the minimum deposit in the international version of the betting platform is significantly larger.

How to make a deposit in MostBet?

How to make a deposit in MostBet?

Making a deposit, naturally, starts with pressing on Deposit button. Just like the rest of the links for account management, this one is placed on the top right side of your screen. The button can be directly pressed there from a computer version, while if you are on your mobile device, you need to at first place on the icon that is located in the top right side of your screen and then, to select the homonymous button.

In the deposit category you will see the six available methods for financial transactions and you will have to click on the one that suits your needs at most. Then, you are only left with the task to fill in the field Amount and to follow the additional instructions depending on the selected payment method.

How to ask my questions to MostBet?

Mostbet live chatWhen you use the betting page you will constantly see a pop-up window with the so called live chat which can be in a help to you when you have questions to ask or some help to require from the betting company’s customer support team. Although you will mostly see Russian names in the live chat, stay calm and be confident that you can communicate with them in English, as well.

The live chat, though, does not work on mobile devices, so in this case you will have to use any of the other two available options for customer support. And these options are calling on this phone number 8 800 200 81 18, which is 100% for free, or sending an e-mail message to, if you have any technical issues, or on, if you have some common questions.

Mostbet contacts information